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Taster/Level 1

Go Ski Level 1 (Taster)

Go Ski Level 1 (Taster)

This is the first of 5 levels that will give you an introduction to skiing.
This lesson is designed for complete beginners! In this lesson you will go through:
- Introduction, safety & equipment
- Walking up the slope using edges
- Turning to face down the slope
- Straight running & exercises

These lessons are suitable for anyone aged 8+. There are 5 levels that aim to teach the basics of skiing to get you up to the recreational level which then allows use of the main slope without supervision. Skis and boots are provided but you must ensure you have long sleeves, long trousers and gloves. Lessons are 1 hour in duration and there may be up to 10 participants in the group. After each lesson, the instructor will sign an achievement card to show your progress and will then advise which lesson is needed next, you can then book your next lesson.

Lessons need to be repeated if the standard has not been reached. If no listed dates or times suit you please contact our customer services team via bookings@ackers-adventure.co.uk and we can check our availability on other dates.


  • Each session will be led by a qualified, experienced instructor.
  • We provide Skis and Boots.
  • You must wear long trousers and long sleeves and Gloves and dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Long Ski socks can be purchased during ordering or at the centre.
  • Each group will contain a maximum of 10 people. (Please be aware that if a session has less than 4 people booked on to it then the session may need to be rescheduled).